A Cross Section of the Nordic Steel Steel Super Panel with optional Radiant Heat Barrier

  If a concrete floor is not an option, a conventional, below grade treated wood floor system is an         equally viable choice.

True and flat steel surfaces, ensure a perfect fit. Besides easily and reliably fastening each panel with stainless steel screws, a bead of silicone creates an impermeable seal between each wall section to prevent nearly 100% or air, vapor or water intrusion.

Our Patent Pending, Steel Super Wall Panels can be adapted to virtually any type of residential and commercial construction project.

Whatever foundation type, the steel bottom frame act as super strong, sill and bottom plates. These are anchored conventionally to any foundation.

When used in combination with our Pier Anchor System,  premium sheathing and an in floor, radiant  heat concrete slab, the Nordic Steel Super Wall Foundation System cannot be bested in terms of  durability and cost effectiveness.  Do you want a building that can be handed down to your great-great-great grandchildren so they can in turn, hand it down to theirs?  We can make it happen, and do so at little relative cost.

​All vertical steel components, are screwed together @ 8" OC.

​When used as a basement, below grade foundation wall, the incredibly strong steel I beam studs are placed @ 1' OC.  This may sound like overkill, but, the added expense is far less than the added

structural benefits.  This foundation should last centuries.

​​Building Systems

Nordic Steel 


 Which ever style of below grade foundation wall system, whether on concrete footings or on gravel,  Nordic Steel Foundation Super Wall Panels will outperform any wood or CBS basement. 

Pre - Bored Electrical Conduit cut outs are reinforced and lined with Vinyl, Nylon, Teflon or Polyethylene Grommets to make running EMT or romex cable nearly effortless. 

10 Ft. t Foundation Nordic Steel Super Panel

Nordic Steel has a Steel Super Panel for all framing applications, they each meet and exceed Residential Building Codes for structural framing.  Our panels come in varying heights and widths to suit all building requirements.

Whether Premium, 1/2" Foundation Treated, Engineered OSB , Magnesium Oxide, or Fiberglass Reinforced Gypsum, Nordic Steel has a durable, exterior sheathing option for any build.

8 Foot Nordic Steel Super Panel

Perfectly square, clad with your choice of 1/2 premium exterior sheathing, each panel aligns with the next and are installed with remarkable ease, precision and speed..

​Precision built and delivered in numerical sequence, each Nordic Steel Super Wall Panel arrives at the job site ready to be installed, saving material,labor, time and cost

​We offer a variety of premium sheathing choices besides OSB, all a full 1/2 thickness or higher.

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Why Use Nordic Steel?

Anatomy of the NORDIC STEEL SUPER PANEL with Radiant Heat Barrier..

​With the application of exterior, Bituthene membrane and extruded foam insulation panels, your Nordic Steel Foundation System will be dryer, less susceptible to moisture intrusion, than a poured concrete foundation.