Nordic Steel 

Why Use Nordic Steel?

​​Building Systems


  Nordic Steel Building Systems can provide peace of mind on a more reliably built home with a much greater lifespan than most.


You can now  specify the use of a wall and foundation system that far exceeds the ordinary in terms of durability, strength & resiliency.  Nordic Steel Systems were designed by an architect / engineer to meet and surpass the stick built modality.   With the same adaptability and versatility of ordinary wood framing techniques, Nordic Steel Super Wall Panels can seamlessly replace SPF lumber based exterior wall construction with far superior properties.    Although we are not an architectural or design firm, we can take nearly any existing design and BIM it with Nordic Steel's Super Wall Panels and foundation systems.  Our products are eminently green, and not only do their use minimize environmental concerns, but they save energy costs and help meet energy standards faster than any other framing product. 

Education courses are available online or with an-in person. Take the course online or learn more about converting your projects to Nordic Steel Systems with an in person architectural presentation for you and your firm.​​


​When compared to buildings framed with dimensional lumber, Nordic Steel Systems provide builders a far better alternative to their customers. Owners of Nordic Steel Systems build homes can experience much greater long term value retention, faster equity growth, better indoor air quality, reduced infiltration of outside pollutants, smaller HVAC systems, and superior indoor temperature control...AND reduced operating costs by up to 55% or more.

Your time to revenue is accelerated, construction financing costs reduced, labor and logistics expenses cut by 33 % or more, and you ultimately deliver to your customer, a far superior structure.

We can coordinate with you every aspect of the build process that involves Nordic Steel's products, as these are designed to make all phases of construction run faster, smoother, and with more predictable results.

Quality is our principal concern, and we back this up unquestionably.  Our job is to make your job of pleasing your clients, faster and easier.  Although our adoption learning curve is negligible, we ensure that every builder is made completely comfortable with the use of Nordic Steel Systems products, we provide certification and licensing training, as well as ongoing support until the job is done.   With our training options we can show you how easy it is to convert your building projects to using Nordic Steel Systems. Once builders convert to our superior process they are able to differentiate themselves far above their competitors.

Builders and their framing crews may contact us anytime to schedule product training.  Please contact us for an idea of what Nordic Steel Systems can do for you.