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Why Use Nordic Steel?


Many have asked what exactly do we at Nordic Steel do:

Q.  Do we sell home kits?

A.  Yes.

     We have a dozen original designs that are ready to be packaged for you.  We can include as much or as      little as you wish in terms of exterior and interior finishing materials, you tell us what you want, we can      make it happen.

Q.  Can you help in making our dream home an affordable reality?

A.  Yes! A thousand times YES!

Q.  How do you do this?

A.  We are the developers of unique, patent pending, precision, structural wall and foundation systems,             that offer one of the most simple to use, sustainable, durable, energy and labor cost efficient methods 

      available for residential and commercial construction.

     We can show you how you can build a far superior structure, one that should outlast anything else built      conventionally,  and make it a healthier, safer and more earth friendly alternative, and save money and        time in the process.

Q. This sounds too good to be true, is it really that simple?

A.  Yes, yes it is. It truly needn't be complicated.

     Sometimes the home building process is made to look overly complex, and that's where a lot of                    unnecessary costs can be hidden. We show you how to eliminate a lot of things, waste in materials,            waste in labor costs, wastes of time, and waste of natural resources, and all of this saves you money.

Q.  I have a builder that I can trust, can we still use them?

A.  Builders that have earned your trust are the best builders, and we bend over backwards to also have           them benefit from using our systems. Understanding the clear advantages of using Nordic Steel, is             guaranteed to help them to achieve much greater build efficiency and deliver a vastly superior,

      finished product. It's a win-win scenario for all involved.  Bottom line, when we work together with a             local builder the process is a much more satisfying one as it typically consumes less time.

      Whenever possible, it is recommended to use the expertise of building professionals.

Q.  Can you assist me if I choose to act as my own General Contractor?

A.  Yes, we can coordinate with you to assist you in every way to make your dream project a real one.

Q.  How are your building systems green and how are they unique?

A.  We are the developers and inventors of a unique structural wall, roof panel and foundation system,            that do not  reinvent the wheel in terms of structural or construction dynamics or techniques, we just          make these much better ones.   We use 16 gauge, cold rolled, commercial quality, coated steel to                  replace and recreate  2 x 6 structural framing in a way that speeds up construction time, drastically              reduces waste, and guarantees angular precision.  Your walls will be straighter, more square, plumb,          much more than twice as strong, far more insect, rot, mold and fire resistant than anything built using        standard framing lumber.   We use American sourced, recycled steel, a material that can be endlessly

     recycled and re-purposed, versus using wood sourced from commercial forests.  Wood still has a place

     in our methods, we just limit it to where necessary and eliminate its use wherever and whenever it              makes most sense to do so.  We are unique in the sense that each steel framing component we use has

     been specifically designed and exists nowhere else.  Our panels are remarkably simple, but, they also

     have been designed to maximize optimal engineering and advanced framing techniques to conserve

     materials and labor, and multiply the strength, durability and energy efficiency ratings of any

     structure that uses them.

Q. What about your pier anchors, why are these special?

A.  As with our wall and roof panels, we also have a steel foundation panel that replaces permanent

      wood foundation systems.  As if that were not enough, we recognized that another option to secure 

     permanently affix a structure to the land could be had, one that reduces the environmental impact

     of using poured in place, concrete slabs or foundations, while making this vital bit of infrastructure, 

     just as strong and reliable.   Our galvanized, 3/16 thick anchors use simple geometry to act as force

     multipliers, by increasing the surface area that acts as a load bearing plane, and by providing maximum

     uplift and torque resistance. and all without needing to pour concrete.  Visit our Concrete

     Free Foundations section for a full explanation.

Q.  Do you deliver anywhere in the US?

A.  Yes, we can arrange to deliver anywhere in the US & Canada, including Alaska.  We can also

      export to most of the world.

Q.  How do we get a quote or get started?

A.  Contact us at our web page www.nordicsteelsystems.com, or email us : jc@nordicsteelsystems.com,         we'll take it from there.