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2,048 Sq. Ft. a 3 Bedroom / 3 Bath 3 level home with a 512 Sq. Ft. upper deck. Optional, full basement available for an additional

1,024 Sq. Ft.  Open floor design and 9 Ft. walls allow for a light and airy, loft style home.  Depending on the finish options, the home can look either contemporary or traditional. Either way, you have a uniquely stunning and practical home that is unbeatable in strength and smart options.

ECOMINIMAL (iko mɪnəməl)   

The combining of Ecological & Economical principles with minimalist design for creating a more earth friendly and harmonious discipline in building more sustainable and affordable, habitable structures.

NORDIC STEEL offers superlative green and sustainable, proprietary home kits designed to be simple to build, and surpass stick built options in every category.   For those who are able to manage their own project, hire subs or are DIY'ers, you will NOT find a more cost effective option to build a better quality home in less time.   Choose from several styles, although most of these are more modern in appearance, different finish options and more traditional styles are available.  

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Interested in building a Better Home?  How about a much BETTER home for LESS?





A 624 Sq. Ft. 1 Bed / 1 Bath anywhere home that is designed for comfort and relaxation.  This home features a 504 Sq. Ft. top deck for entertaining or taking in the vistas.   This home maybe compact, but it lacks nothing, as it has an ample kitchen, dining and living areas, as well as storage.   


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