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Putting Wood In Its Place

The Trouble With Wood.

Why we do what we do.


A lot of effort and money are spent in making homes compatible with constant changes in technology, the latest in IT, connectivity, entertainment, HVAC, appliances, lighting, plumbing, etc. However, very little has been done to modernize the materials and methods employed in building that wooden box most call home. Residential building hasn't significantly changed in centuries, dimensional lumber from sawmills remains, by far, the predominant material used in construction. However, dimensional lumber used, no longer lives up to it's name.  For decades now, 2 x 4's have not been 2 x 4's, they're 1 1/2 x 3 1/12's and this is the case with all other framing lumber, the methods have not changed much, but the size of the lumber has.

Although an ancient material, wood still plays an important role in modern construction practices. Other than Engineered Wood Products, wood is still highly desired for its decorative and cosmetic beauty, not necessarily for its weather, mold, insect or fire resistant properties.

The frame of a house is its skeleton, and framing a home with ordinary lumber needs updating with better methods and better materials.

Wood still has a vital role and place in construction, these simply need to be defined and limited to where using dimensional lumber makes the most sense.

Building a house and framing it with wood has significant enough drawbacks to merit exploring other options. Framing a house with dimensional lumber requires buying that construction lumber in bulk, and this lumber is rarely if ever consistent from stick to stick.  

Quality control is a costly issue, and delivery, storage and handling, takes an additional toll on the lumber's structural effectiveness. Construction lumber is often exposed to extremes in weather and the elements, and these effects do not do wood any favors.

Additionally, the time and effort it takes to handle, select, size, and cut the lumber into framing components, not to mention the waste this process generates, makes for a less than desirable or efficient model, one that fortunately, can be vastly improved upon.

Common Issues With Framing Lumber

Mold & Weathering:  Your building's quality can be compromised before you even build it.   If the wood is less than what it should be to begin with, it will not improve or perfect itself with time.

Poor Workmansh

A brand new home should be an appreciating asset with lasting value, not one that deteriorates before it's finished.  If the quality of labor and materials is poor to begin with, how can anyone expect the home to withstand the test of time, much less justify the enormous investment it represents?

Using steel framing members to replace wood is nothing new, Nordic Steel Building Systems has developed the new standard in smart steel framing and foundation work to

make your home last longer, be stronger, retain more value and be affordable.